Music Rising Lahaina


Welcome to Music Rising Lahaina

Music Rising Lahaina is an effort created by Music Rising, the organization founded in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and the Gulf South. Music Rising has continued since then, supporting musicians and music education in times of natural disaster. The Music Rising Lahaina effort was established to support musicians and cultural artists whose lives have been upended by the devastating fires that levelled the town of Lahaina on the beautiful island of Maui in early August, 2023.

The fires destroyed everything in their path including the places people gathered to celebrate and to commune. Musicians and cultural artists lost their homes, their livelihoods and in too many cases their loved ones. Music Rising is committing resources to Music Rising Lahaina to aid local musicians and cultural artists by replacing their instruments and providing financial support. We recognize the rich musical heritage of the region and know that music not only saves lives but brings things back to life.

Like the Banyan tree, massive and rising 60 feet in the air, music will once again rise, more powerful and more resilient than ever, in Lahaina.

Music Rising Lahaina, an effort by Music Rising, is administered by the Positively Kai Foundation.

Our Musicians Advisory Group is led by Keola Beamer, Jeff Peterson, Kawika Kahiapo, Jake Shimabukuro, Tamara Coniff and Joshua Kahula.

Music Rising Lahaina would like to thank The Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation, The Positively Kai Foundation, the Guitar Center Music Foundation, MusiCares and a special thanks to Mana Mentors for their help and support in keeping the music alive in Lahaina.