Music Rising Lahaina



For professional musicians and other performers on Maui, the August fires have been particularly devastating—and the aftermath is proving to be a daunting new reality.

The emotional toll, of course, is part of that new reality. Whether it’s the search for long-term housing, navigating insurance, FEMA and other aid organizations or simply the loss of income, the mental health of our community is dangerously close to a breaking point. Depression, addiction and domestic violence are on the rise. So are suicides.

Music Rising Lahaina is proud to partner with Music Health Alliance to provide assistance at this critical moment. MHA has compiled a list of vetted counselors on Maui. These counselors are from our own community and possess a unique understanding of the loss and pain we’re experiencing. They’re here to help.

MHA can provide professional musicians and other performers with up to $2,000 in outpatient counseling and/or psychiatry. All payments are made directly to the provider.

If you’re a member of the performing community who needs confidential help—or just someone to talk to—please click the link below to apply.

MHA understands the fluid nature of the situation here on the island; just provide whatever information you can. In the “How can we help” section, simply put “Maui fire survivor.” No income/tax return documentation is required. Your application is 100% confidential.

CLICK HERE TO APPLY: Music Health Alliance Confidential Mental Health Grant Application

Music Rising Lahaina is an offshoot of the charitable organization Music Rising, founded in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and the Gulf South. Music Rising Lahaina was established to support professional musicians and other performers whose lives have been upended by the fires that leveled the town of Lahaina on the island of Maui in August 2023.

Music Health Alliance is a nonprofit whose mission is to #HealTheMusic by providing access to healthcare — including mental healthcare — through services that protect, direct, and connect music-industry professionals with medical and financial assistance.